Security Gates


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At Camber Alarms Ltd we specialise in supplying automated gates for a variety of domestic, commercial and industrial locations.

Not only do security gates provide a stron gvisual deterrant against any potential opportunistic criminal activity, they also provide a strong barrier should the criminal decide to attempt to access a property. Whilst they are often seen in front of large homes, we have also installed these on much smaller properties with the aim to secure the entrance to their home or their driveway.

We provide a wide range of automated electrical gate methods, from single opening to double opening or sliding options. Our gates come in a wide variety of styles or finishes and are back up by a preventative maintenance scheme.

We are able to automate existing gates including, sliding gates, swing gates and pedestrian gates. Our gates are professionally installed and are designed for ease of use. All gates have the ability to be activated via any combination of push button, proximity detector, digital key pad or key fob.

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